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​DJ Firearms Training has an NRA Certified Firearms Safety Instructor who is also certified by the Colonel of the Department of the MA State Police as a State Firearms Safety Instructor.  He has been around and using firearms for most of his life, including hunting and sport shooting.  He is a STRONG supporter of the Second Amendment and a Life Member of the NRA, and takes firearm safety extremely serious.  His main goal as being a Firearms Safety Instructor, as well as ours at DJ Firearms Training, is to teach as many people as he can to become familiar with the proper operation of a firearm and all safety measures to follow. With the classes taught, the successful candidates will have all certificates and training needed to apply for their License to Carry (LTC) firearms permit.  All policies and procedures in teaching that are set forth by the State of Massachusetts, the NRA and the Massachusetts State Police are strictly followed.  He brings experience and a driving goal of DJ Firearms Training's mission which is firearm safety.  His motto is YOU CAN NEVER LEARN TOO MUCH!!!

He has also become a Utah Firearms Instructor and teaches the non resident Utah Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) class.  You MUST already have your MA LTC in order to apply for your Utah CFP, however, you can take your MA LTC class AND your Utah CFP class at the same time.  Once you receive your MA LTC, you can then apply for your Utah CFP.

We can come to your business and do a full training for your employees.  We can either come during the week or during the weekend.

We can even do a private class at your house.  Most people feel more comfortable in their own surroundings.